WAC Facilities

The Wade Knox CAC has a state of the art facility that is child friendly, safe, and provides comprehensive resources for the child and their caregivers. The WKCAC has expanded our facility at Lonoke and we now have over 5500 square feet of space. We have 2 family rooms, 2 interview rooms, a room that is dedicated to mental health and a room dedicated to medical services. We also have a training room that will seat up to 50 people. These additions have allowed our staff to better serve the child-victim and their caregivers in ways that foster hope and give them support while they are going through a difficult time in their lives.

- Lonoke Facility
Interview Room Interview Room2 Medical
Interview Room-1
Interview Room-2
Family Room Family Room2
Family Room 1
Family Room 2


Brinkley Satellite Office (opened January 1, 2016)

Children's Play area Family Room Interview Room
Play Area
Family Room
Interview Room
WAC Brinkley Office Observation Area  
Victim Advocate Office
Conference Room

Lonoke - From the Beginning

- Lonoke Facility
August 2005 (900 sq. ft.)
January 2011 (2750 sq.ft.)
November 2015 (5500 sq. ft. total)