Wade Knox CAC Resources

Therapy for Terrific Children - Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - by Wade Knox CAC (PDF file)

Overview of trauma symptoms, and the therapy we can provide - by Wade Knox CAC (PDF file)

COVID-19 Resources

How to talk to your child (for parents) - KidsHelp from Nemours

Will My Child Bounce Back from the Coronavirus Crisis?. Hannah Sheldon-Dean - Child Mind Institute

General Resources

Parenting A Child Who Has Experienced Trauma - by Chlld Welfare Information Gateway (PDF file)

Good resources for families - The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Trauma Guides - Child Mind Institute   

Family - Child Mind Institute

Family - "The Repair of Early Trauma” by Beacon House

Puppy Story - "The Puppy Story" by Cathy S. Harris, MSW, LCSW  

Mindfulness - Relax Music for children

Mindfulness - Mindful Kids videos

Self-regulation - 5 Incredibly Fun GAMES to Teach Self-Regulation – Kreative Leadership

Defusing - How to Calm an Angry Child in 30 Seconds –  Douglas E. Noll  

CBT demonstration - Helpful Thoughts: CBT Activity – Liana Lowenstein 

CBT demonstration / game - Playing CBT introduction

Coping -Dealing with Sexual Abuse (for adults) -  Hannah Baker

Free text version of books -Hannah's Books

Parent/Child Resources

TF-CBT - 01 Psychoeducation Parents and Child

PTSD - Brain Model of PTSD - Psychoeducation Video – London Trauma Specialists

PTSD -PTSD and the Brain Camaraderie Foundation


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Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Kids – gozenonline

Zen Den Yoga for Kids- Thought Bubbles | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids – Cosmic Kids Yoga

Lemon Squeezy - Full Body Relaxation Technique For Children - Clair Mellenthin


Managing Emotions

02 Affect Expression Modulation Child - Leigh-Ann Cardelfe

Controlling Emotion  - Controlling Emotions: A Lesson from Angry Birds – Aish Video

Back Away From Anger -Anger Management -  Howard B. Wigglebottom

Feelings  Fish Game - Play Therapy Technique: Feelings Go Fish -
Liana Lowenstein

Children's Books

A Terrible Thing Happened – by Margaret M Holmes

Healing Days: A Guide for Kids Who Have Experienced Trauma by Susan Farber Straus

Trauma: Teaching kids all about trauma by Robert D. Edelman Ed.S. and Selena Carter

2, 4, 6, 8 This Is How We Regulate: 75 Play Therapy Activities to Increase Mindfulness in Children by Tracy Turner-Bumberry

Royal Rage: The Fun Anger Management Card Game for Kids by Play Therapy Supply

Fawn's Touching Tale: A Story for Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused  by Agnes Wohl & Irene Wineman Marcus

Hannah's Hope -How I dealt with abuse (children 8+) -  Hannah Baker

Hannah's Diaries-Surviving Abuse (teenagers) -  Hannah Baker


The Coping Skills Game: Nine Essential Skills to Teach Kids How to Deal with Real-Life Problems by Childswork / Childsplay