Our Thanks

  Lana Grober with Lana's Dance Studio

were honored with a room dedication for their generous support to the children whom we serve. The Victim Advocate Office has been dedicated to Lana's Dance Studio! Since 2007, Lana's students have raised $66,442.00 through their annual fundraiser for the WKCAC - "Dancing For A Cause." Lana's huge heart and deep compassion for others along with her desire to instill in her students the passion to share their talents for others is so evident in the artist impression of her student's dance. Thank you to Lana and the hundreds of students and their families for advocating for children who need a voice so that their lives may be filled with hope and that the WKCAC may be a place of safety and resources for support. Thank you for dancing for our cause!


We are pleased to recognize Bob and Deanna Combs with a plaque and dedication of our family room in their honor. Every month since 2009, they have brought in-kind donations of snacks for the clients, bottled water, office supplies, etc. In addition, they have given a monthly financial donation. Thank you for what you do!