Volunteers Needed

The Wade Knox Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) desires to ensure that children are not re-victimized by the very system designed to protect them. All types of volunteers are needed to help us make the CAC of Lonoke & Southern Prairie Counties work for the children. Listed below are some volunteer opportunities that are flexible and allow for a range of time commitment, abilities, and level of involvement.

Building and Maintenance - Volunteers will assist with any decorating or repair needs and help keep the CAC beautiful.

Community Outreach / Public Relations - Volunteers are needed to assist at our booths/displays at special events.  Volunteers can also become a part of our Annual Child Abuse Awareness Month and the various activities planned including placing pinwheels on the Lonoke County Court House lawn, serving a snack lunch, and event set-up and clean-up.  The Center will also utilize volunteers who are trained by the Victim Advocate to represent Rocka-Billy-Bear during educational programs within our schools and community speaking engagements. 

Fundraising - Volunteers will assist in a variety of fundraising activities during the year and bring any new fundraising ideas to the CAC which includes our large annual Roast and Toast event.

Day of Service Ideas:

Clean the Center - Mow the Lawn - Weed the Flower Bed - Fold Newsletters and Prepare for Mailing

Host a Fund Raiser for The Center

Letter from a volunteer

My volunteer work at the Wade Knox Children's Advocacy Center has been my most meaningful experience. The CAC is a place where abused "sexual and physical" children tell their stories to a trained forensic interviewer. They are videotaped during this interview, and the tape can be used as evidence in court. Therefore, the child does not constantly have to retell the story and relive the trauma.

I have been cleaning the center since the end of August. At first, I felt as though my job was to obtain my needed school service hours. However, as time passed, and I saw child after child come through the door, I began to realize the importance of my job. The center was clean, smelled good, and was child-friendly. I never knew what each child had been through, but the drawings I came across while cleaning the interview room offered some clues. After seeing these drawings and notes, I was overwhelmed. No longer was I obtaining service hours; I was on a mission! I have realized that my job is very important. It allows children and parents that have been through so much to feel as comfortable as possible during their time at the center.

My service hours have been completed, but I continue to clean. I wish I could clean their lives, but for now, I will clean the place where their lives will change.
By: Lauren Clay, Junior at Mt. St. Mary Academy