Our Team

The staff of the Wade Knox Children's Advocacy Center is a group of professional individuals who are passionate about assisting child crime victims and their non-offending family members. They also recognize that it is through their continued dedication and collaborative efforts with other agencies that they are able to serve the community.


Karen James

Robyn Ketchum
Assistant Director & Victim Advocate

Florence Kingsley
Forensic Interviewer

Erin Swain
Victim Advocate

Katie Simpson
Victim Advocate

Ashley Reed
Advocate of Education

Jordan Wilkison, MS, LAC
TF-CBT Therapy

Connie Locke
Financial Advisor & IT Coordinator

Deanna Rogers,
Medical Director & S.A.N.E Nurse

Valerie Plafcan
S.A.N.E Nurse

Karen Farst, MD, MPH


Sharon Rudder, former Advocate of Education retired August, 2017. In six years of service, Sharon reached 30,000 children. Her compassion for the Children she educated is PRICELESS!!

Robin Smith, our former Forensic Interviewer, earned the Diplomat Certification for Forensic Interviewers. She is the only one in Arkansas to obtain this designation. Robin retired in September, 2014.